Photograph by Candace Kennedy

Photograph by Candace Kennedy


I am a visual artist and jeweller. Both sides of my work use traditional jewellery skills, but my visual art work isn't necessarily wearable in every day life.

I see jewellery as very intimate, personal artwork; I create collections of jewellery that are easy to wear and enjoy. I am also happy to accept commissions, where I design and make custom jewellery for a specific person.

I work with precious and non-precious metals, natural materials and stones. I enjoy designing delicate yet eye-catching jewellery that draws from patterns and motifs found in nature.

I studied 3D design at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I specialised in jewellery. My work has been displayed and sold in the UK, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. 

I am from the UK, and now work from my home-based studio in Cape Breton.