Visual artist - jeweller - textile craftsperson.

I am a visual artist and fine craftsperson, working with metal, textile and drawing. My work is process driven and comprises of research, 2D and 3D drawings, installations, sculptural jewellery, wearable jewellery and works that interact with the body. My work has been exhibited in the UK, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

My work relates to ideas of space, place, interaction and belonging. I am interested in pattern, line, repetition and interaction with space. Specifically, how reducing solid physical items down to line can represent the life, value and place of that item and its environment. I use my interaction with spaces, maps and found objects to reflect upon my place in the world.

Walking, drawing, handling and scavenging objects informs my work. I follow this up by researching the items that I collect. Physical features are important to my work, but equally important is understanding and context.

Scale, and interaction with the body is also important to my work. How does our interaction change when the patterns found in oyster shells are represented on the same scale as the lines of mountaintops? Does holding a forest within a hand make us see it as something more in need of protection? Would sharp points on delicate wearable objects help us to see the fragility of places, or our fragility within them? How does the comfort or discomfort of wearing an item cause reflection upon our interaction with the real object, out there in the world? Can patterns left in sand map wind movement? Can the paths, movement and experience of migratory birds offer an insight into the experience of migratory humans, and our place within the spaces that we inhabit?

These questions form the basis of my research. From this enquiry, I cultivate work that reflects interaction, space and experience.